About Us

About Us

The world is flattening, and e-commerce is making cross-border trade easier. The era of global information, logistics and payment is coming. We are committed to being the explorers of global life.



We provide our members with a global online shopping map to help them get real-time information about e-commerce in various countries. Provide global transportation logistics so that members can buy all over the world. In addition, swan overseas online shopping also provides selected products from various countries by direct mail group-buying, making global e-commerce transactions easier and faster.



Currently, swan overseas online shopping focuses on the following three services:



Global price comparison: we provide the world's leading price comparison tool overseas online shopping box. When you browse the e-commerce websites of various countries, you can see the prices of various mainstream e-commerce companies around the world at any time, so that the global prices are clearer!



Global transport: we provide convenient logistics services in various countries. Including the United States, Germany, Japan, Australia and other overseas warehouses, are open to users. Let users see the global good, can buy at any time!



Global group-buying: overseas online shopping also provides instant e-commerce function on the basis of price comparison. We provide free service to high quality suppliers in various countries, so that customers can purchase selected goods in a more competitive way!



Swan overseas online shopping is not only a cross-border e-commerce platform for China, but also a global communication platform. Wherever you are, you can use overseas online shopping for convenient global online shopping service.



We are also ready to communicate with other countries to find a way to live around the world.